OAL Test Centre & APRIL Robotics Facility

OAL's two test centres give you access to a full range of processing, robotics and automation technologies with teams of experts, all of whom work closely with you to optimise procedures and evaluate your products. Our two test centres are:

  1. National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Holbeach, UK - liquid processing trials.

  2. APRIL Robotics Facility, Peterborough, UK - secure Development lab with 1000 sqm open area to build and test robot cells.


National Centre for  Food Manufacturing, Holbeach, UK

At the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, OAL have a dedicated 4,000 sq ft food processing hall for food manufacturers to test and learn about our technologies. Food manufacturers can rent the space to trial new applications and develop new products.

The following technologies are available at the centre:

Steam Infusion Cooking


Steam Infusion is an advanced heating and mixing process that has been proven to increase the efficiency of food manufacturers cooking processes and presents opportunities for New Product Development. Steam Infusion has been researched by the University of Lincoln at the test centre as part of a c£1 million project funded by Innovate UK looking into the development of healthier foods. Food Manufacturers are able to trial cooking their products on the equipment with the help of our Development Chef.

Cryogenic cooling


Cryogenic cooling offers rapid cooling of smooth and particulate products with opportunities to cut waste and improve quality. We are leading a second c£1 million Innovate UK project with the University of Lincoln exploring the use of cryogenic cooling in food processing. Food Manufacturers are able to trial cooling their products on the equipment with the help of our Development Chef.

APRIL Robotics Cooking Cell

APRIL fully automates cooking operations ensuring (Patent Pending):

  • Minimal human intervention and major productivity improvements.

  • Up to 50% reduction in factory space and capital equipment from parallel processing.

  • Sub 1% yield losses.

  • Extended shelf life from minimal human intervention and controlled environment.

  • Consistent, homemade product quality due to smaller batch sizes and enhanced control.

APRIL Robotics Facility

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At our Peterborough head office we have a 1000 SqM secure development lab for the development, build and testing of robot cells.

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