APRIL™ Robotics Cooking Cell aka ‘Robot Chef’

Soup, sauce and ready meal manufacturers are facing tightening margins and increased demand for flexibility, food safety and traceability. But traditional fixed steam jacketed kettles are often highly operator involved, making production highly susceptible to human error. Furthermore, the fixed nature of traditional systems makes it challenging to add new technologies over time. 

A new approach is needed driven by robotics and a mindset that cooking systems can be flexible and reduce costs. 

That's why we've developed the patented APRIL™ Robotics Cooking Cell (GB Patent Number 2543033). APRIL™ fully automates cooking operations ensuring:

  • Minimal human intervention and major productivity improvements

  • Up to 50% reduction in factory space and capital equipment from parallel processing

  • Sub 1% yield losses

  • Extended shelf life from minimal human intervention and controlled environment

  • Consistent, homemade product quality due to smaller batch sizes and enhanced control

Easy CIP (clean in place)

APRIL™ fully automates the cleaning operations ensuring consistent and repeatable cleaning. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination within production facilities and also limits human interaction with the food manufacturing process. To read more about our experience implementing Clean In Place, CIP systems, click here to be taken to our projects page. 

Simple pouring

APRIL™ can pour product to discharge rather than pumping, enhancing product quality, reducing the amount of waste caused by product stuck in pumps and pipework and simplifying operations.

OAL's patented Steam Infusion Vaction™ Pump

OAL's patented Steam Infusion Vaction™ Pump

Fast, clean, fresh cooking with Steam Infusion...

The APRIL™ Robotics Cooking Cell set up at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Holbeach uses OAL’s efficient Steam Infusion cooking technology as its cooking module. Steam Infusion solves many of the challenges they face every day including burn on contamination, variable product consistency and slow cooking times. Steam Infusion uses a disruptive Vaction™ Pump that sits within a cooking vessel and uses steam to heat, mix, homogenise and pump liquids with and without particulates. The advanced food processing device can heat 1,000kg of product from 15 to 90°C in 5 minutes with no burn or particulate damage. Using it with alongside our APRIL™ Robotics Cooking Cell is the perfect combination for cooking delicious, consistent and fantastic quality food for your consumers.