Disruptive food processing technologies


We recently had the opportunity to discuss how disruptive technologies will deliver a step change in performance for food manufacturing with the Daily Telegraph. With over 25 years’ experience in food processing, we understand the demands of 24/7 operation with tight deadlines and short shelf-life products and are in a unique position to work with the industry. Leading two collaborative research projects with prominent food manufacturers and research institutions, we now invest 8.2% of turnover in R&D.

As Harry says "It's not going to  be easy, it's going to be a roller coaster of change" but the opportunities are huge:

Like the automotive industry, over the next decade, food factories will change dramatically because of disruptive technologies with major implications for the whole supply chain. Food Manufacturing 4.0 has arrived. Highly flexible “lights out” manufacturing will enable the production of new products whilst intelligent product tracking will improve food safety and traceability. Smart factories connected to the industrial internet will react to changing consumers demand at an incredible pace.

That's why we are working as part of the "Food Is Life" consortium to deliver Food Manufacturing 4.0. The opportunities for embracing disruptive technologies are huge and we are constantly looking for new collaborations and partnerships to work towards this.

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