APRIL draws the crowds at the PPMA Show 2015


On the last week of September 2015  industry professionals from all around the world were enamoured by APRIL at the PPMA Show in Birmingham, UK. With dual presence at the show, we took the opportunity to introduce our new disruptive technology, APRIL, on the Food Is Life stand. APRIL combines proven state of the art cooking and materials handling technologies with automated robotic ingredient loading, emulating a professional chef.i8

Food Is Life is a consortium focused on bringing disruptive change to the food industry and accordingly was the perfect setting to introduce APRIL. The stunning BMW i8 was the perfect back drop for the launch, highlighting the knowledge transfer opportunities available between the food and automotive industry. Visitors sat in the car and were captivated  by the video:

It was incredibly effective with many of the biggest names in food production stopping by to discuss their desire for step change improvements in food manufacturing.  We are working closely with the University of Lincoln and Food Is Life partners to deliver Food Manufacturing 4.0 and the visitors strong reaction is a great driver to continue the pursuit of change.

Del Boy BMW i8The three day event saw Del Boy and Joanna Lumbley impersonators, an awards ceremony, countless customer meetings and chatter throughout.

OAL would like to say a massive thank you to the organisers of the PPMA and for all our customers, new and returning, for giving us the chance to introduce APRIL to the world.


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