APRIL™ Robotic Ingredient Handling System

Switching to robotic weighing & scaling offers food manufacturers:

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Storage of up to 500 ingredients

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Weight accuracy of up to +/- 1g

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Weigh-up rates of up to 1000 kg/h

It's time to fix manual weighing

Manual handling and weighing / scaling of ingredients can cost food manufacturers up to 5% of turnover every year. Bulk ingredients can be handled efficiently using silos and big bag or super sack systems - but what about micro-ingredients? More often than not, we rely on operators to complete arduous weighing tasks in harsh and dusty environments - damaging their health and incurring significant costs.

That’s where the APRIL™ Robotics ingredient handling system comes in. Combining robotics and advanced automation, we offer food manufacturers a flexible and scalable solution that delivers an accurate and cost-effective alternative to operators on the factory floor.

How APRIL™ Robotic Ingredient Handling system works

Combining exceptional storage density with an unparalleled turndown ratio for high accuracy ingredient weighing / scaling.

Offering high flexibility, the system can be easily integrated into existing food factories.

APRIL cells are easy to use - ingredients are manually decanted into APRIL smart containers (ASCs) and stored within the cell.

The robot retrieves and manages the ingredients from the ASCs as per your recipe and weighs them into an ASC Blend Container. The ASCs are managed through the system, including cleaning operations, offering a reliable and repeatable operation.

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With the APRIL™ Robotics Ingredient Handling system you can achieve: 

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Accurate powder weighing/scaling

Weighing out or scaling powders is a manual, repetitive task that is highly susceptible to human error. The APRIL™ Robotics Weighing Station automates this, offering unrivalled accuracy, efficiency and allergen control. The robot weighs out ingredients to an accuracy of +/- 1g every time. The flexible nature of the systems means the APRIL system can handle both free-flowing and non free-flowing ingredients.

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Increased margins

As labour costs continue to rise across the globe, food manufacturers can be particularly affected due to the number of operators usually involved in micro-weighing. By implementing robotic autonomous ingredient handling, it’s possible to remove human intervention from micro-scaling activities, therefore allowing the food industry to reduce associated labour costs and boost margins.


Total traceability

Dedicated ingredient containers and contact components within the APRIL Robotics Ingredient Handling system prevent cross-contamination across multiple product lines, ensuring that your product labels accurately reflect the contents of the packaging for increased product safety. With total traceability for your product and a full audit trail, the system can help to prevent product recalls.


Improved health & safety

Working with powdered ingredients every day in food facilities can pose a significant risk to operator health. Food manufacturers need to mitigate this risk and the best way to achieve this is to remove the operator from the activity. APRIL™ Robotics allows you to do this, protecting your operators while achieving a positive impact on your turnover and optimising your food preparation process.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team today to see if you could help to increase your turnover with unmanned micro-ingredient handling!