APRIL Robotic Weighing Systems for Micro Ingredients

Avoid the risk of human error in your weigh up areas and automate your dry ingredient weighing with APRIL™ Robotics Weighing.

Switching to robotic weighing ensures:

  • A highly efficient way of handling and weighing of dry micro-ingredients.

  • Consistent, accurate weighments to an accuracy of +/- 1g.

  • A safer working environment for everyone.

Accurate Powder Weighing to +/- 1g

Weighing out powders is a manual repetitive task that is highly susceptible to human error. The APRIL Robotics Weighing Station automates this task offering unrivalled accuracy and efficiency.

The advanced torque force sensors within the robot allow us to weigh out ingredients to an accuracy of +/- 1g by every time. The flexible nature of the systems means we APRIL Weighing can handle both free-flowing and non free-flowing ingredients.

OAL Weighing Screen

Operator batch weighing 2.jpg

Full Traceability & Consistent Weighing

We all know people aren't best suited to manual repetitive tasks such as weighing.

The APRIL Robotics Weighing Station fully automates the handling and weighing of micro ingredients overcoming human errors.

Recipe batches are now consistently weighed to an accuracy of +/- 1g with full traceability.