Successful 3D factory walk-through at the MTC


Olympus Automation successfully demonstrated a 3D food factory walk-through at the prestigious Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Coventry. A point cloud scanned from the National Food Manufacturing Centre was imported into the cave, a virtual reality suite at the MTC, allowing users to literally walk around their factory, pictured above.

CAD objects generated in SolidWorks can be dropped into the factory, allowing customers to see how projects will look and work to a far greater detail than ever before. For instance a Steam Infusion System can be dropped into an existing food area so customers can see first hand how it fits and see the significant reduction in system footprint.

For Autocoding, panel placement can be simulated in the cave to optimise usability for shop floor workers, improving efficiency on the shop-floor.

With food manufacturers constantly striving to improve the ergonomic efficiency and health & safety of food areas, virtual reality factories present a great opportunity to accurately visualise and enhance designs and layouts of food factories prior to installation.