APRIL Robotics Features in BDO’s Food & Drink Industry Report 2018

Our APRIL Robotics food manufacturing system is highlighted as a case study in BDO’s Food and Drink Industry Report 2018. The report is published to encourage the industry to move towards a more productive, post-Brexit world.

It also explains how over the next few years food manufacturers need to make a pivotal point decision:

Option 1 - stick with the status quo & absorb costs

Effectively, ride out the storm (increasing labour and ingredient costs) with existing technologies. Maintain competitive whilst absorbing potential cost increases. 

Option 2 - automate & proactively future-proof factories

Invest in automation and create a step change in food manufacturing capabilities to overcome rising labour costs.

The report highlights that for businesses who rise to the automation challenge, the falling cost and increased functionality of robotics offer quick productivity gains and an ability to exploit new market opportunities.

At OAL, we firmly believe in Option 2.

If your looking to take "Option 2" we would love to help you on  your journey towards a fully automated, robotic factory with our APRIL Robotics solutions.

Lauren Moir