10 Reasons to Work for OAL, Engineering Jobs in the Food Industry

We’re always looking for passionate, talented individuals to join our fast-paced innovative company! When searching for a new role, you always consider why would I want to work for them? To help you answer that question, we’ve asked our team why work for OAL:

1) Diverse customers 

OAL has an incredibly diverse customer base. The opportunities to see the inner workings of industrial manufacturing are fantastic; for an engineer, there is nothing quite like seeing the real thing.
— Tim, Automation Manager

2) Progressive design

The element of OAL I cherish most is the freedom provided in our daily work. It is easy to convey new ideas and employ them in practice.
— Valeriy, Automation Engineer

3) Cutting-edge technology 

It is great to always be working with new technologies that nobody else has access to.
— Chris, Development Chef

4) Share great experiences

You get to work with and learn from colleagues that are the best in their field.
— Deborah, Marketing

5) Management that care 

The MD is so motivated, it is very contagious. It is great to work with like-minded people.
— Andy, Project Manager

6) Challenging

In my role, I get to face and solve new challenges every day.
— Stephen, Robotics Development Manager

7) Food Is Life

The food industry is huge! Improving the way we make it is incredibly rewarding and there are great opportunities to travel as well.
— Jake, Innovation Manager

8) Flexible

OAL has always been understanding and accommodating of my own circumstances and the hours that I can realistically work. They aren’t stuck in the old 9 to 5 age.
— Stephen, Design Engineer

 9) Teamwork 

At OAL, I get to interact with a very varied friendly group of colleagues. I learn something new from them every day.
— Sharon, Project Coordinator

10) Valued 

The business makes me feel welcomed and valued and my manager is always on hand to advise and help.
— Louise, Accounts Assistant

So, want to join the team? Visit our careers page to see our latest vacancies. If you’re not sure where you’d fit, feel free to send us your CV and let us know why you want to work for us. jobs@oalgroup.com

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