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Robotic Material Handling and Processing - Food Manufacturing 2030

With ingredient handling and preparation costing UK food manufacturers up to 5% of turnover, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Learn and see how this can be reduced to a fraction of current costs through the effective use of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.

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Join OAL, the University of Lincoln and ABB at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing Holbeach, UK on Wednesday 23rd May for a journey of discovery of how APRIL technologies are challenging paradigms. The event will combine expert guest speakers with breathtaking demonstrations so you can learn how robotics is changing the way we handle and process raw materials. These concepts can have a major impact on your food factory:

We were investigating building a new food factory and OAL have transformed our understanding of how we handle our raw materials. Their robot based APRIL Material Handling Solution has reduced our planned capital spend and addressed common flaws with pneumatic conveying systems such as cross-contamination and a reliance on people for micro additions.

We'll also be running our popular group breakout sessions which will deep dive into key technology trends shaping our industry. These will include:

  1. Stop Human Error with Artificial Intelligence / Deep LearningArtificial Intelligence
  2. Unlocking the Future Factory with Big Data
  3. APRIL Robotic Weighing and Ingredient Handling
  4. Creating Fresher Food with High Speed Cooking and Cryogenic Cooling

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