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IBA 2018

  • Messe Munich Germany (map)

Join us at IBA 2018 and discover how robots can transform the way you handle and weigh your ingredients. We're on stand B5 446 at the IBA show 2018, Munich Messe, Saturday 15th September to Thursday 20th September 2018.


It's Time to Fix Manual Weighing

APRIL Robotics Ingredient Handling is an efficient storage and ingredient weighing
system for micro and minor bakery ingredients.

Improve profitability in your bakery business with autonomous robotic ingredient handling.

Why APRIL Robotics Weighing?

  • Ensure highly accurate (+/- 1g) ingredient additions.
  • Weigh up rates up to 1,000 kg/hr.
  • Store and manager over 200 ingredients in a single robotic cell.
  • Zero product cross contamination.
  • Full ingredient traceability.
  • Automatically handle a wide range of ingredients - powders (cohesive and non cohesive), liquids, solids.
  • No mechanical change components.
  • The cell has a turndown of 1000 to 1 while maintaining accuracy and zero product cross-contamination risk.

How does the APRIL Robotics System Work?

Ingredients are decanted into dedicated APRIL Smart Containers (ASC) and stored in a robotic cell. The robot retrieves and manages the ingredients as required and weighs them out to a recipe. The recipe mixes are then presented at integrated retrieval stations.

The APRIL Robotics Ingredient Handling System combines outstanding storage density with very high flexibility. It fits into existing bakeries and makes optimal use of the available area.

See Your Ingredients Handled by APRIL

OAL has a full-sized demonstrator operating at their Peterborough facility. Systems are currently being installed and will be operational in European operating plants prior to the wider roll out in 2019. With unprecedented demand, the team are focusing on applications where weighing is being performed on a 24 x 7 basis maximising the return on investment.

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