Cook a viscous sauce with zero burn-on


Do you struggle to cook viscous sauce quickly without burn-on contamination? Is it difficult to clean your vessel after production? Many food manufacturers are choosing to cook with Steam Infusion to overcome these issues. Here’s why:

No burn-on with viscous sauces

On a traditional steam jacket system, there are often restrictions relating to viscosity due to the amount of burn on contamination. Thick sauces, those with a Bostwick between two to five, easily stick to the hot vessel surface, in turn burning the ingredient to the pan. Burn-on can lead to quality issues as burnt dark specs appear and flavours deteriorate in the product.

With Steam Infusion viscous products can be cooked with zero burn-on as there is no exposure to hot surfaces as in traditional systems.

Unlike other steam injectors, the Steam Infusion Vaction unit, creates a partial vacuum within the unit dropping the effective temperature of the steam to below 100 degrees thus eliminating exposure to high-temperature steam.

The Vaction unit can inject steam at rates up to 750kg/per hour at 6 Bar pressure. Traditional steam injectors under these conditions wouldn’t be able to condense the steam into the product and would burn the sauce.

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Quick clean down

Cleaning is quick and easy when cooking viscous sauces with Steam Infusion because of the lack of burn on contamination.  Cleaning times are typically halved and fewer chemicals used because there is zero product burnt to the surface of the vessel. This also means less waste improved yields when you're manufacturing viscous sauces.

Get cooking at our test centre

Food professionals view Steam Infusion, cryogenic cooling

Food professionals view Steam Infusion, cryogenic cooling

Our test centre is located at the University of Lincoln’s National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Holbeach. Sitting within academic surroundings, the offsite location is perfect for blue sky thinking and breaking away from the day to day operations.

With our development chefs on hand to facilitate and advise on recipe and process changes, it's amazing what can be accomplished in a single day. Visitors also have access to the university's full suite of analysis equipment including a sensory suite, Mastersizer laser particle size analyser and GC-MS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Analysis).

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