Cook a beautiful bolognese sauce from concept to launch


Do you struggle to manufacture bolognese sauce quickly? Is it difficult to prevent over processing because of slow cook times? Many food manufacturers are choosing to cook with Steam Infusion to overcome these issues. Here’s why:

Faster bolognese sauce cooking

On a traditional steam jacket system, cooking faster often burns product to the vessel because of hot-spots. With Steam Infusion you can cook a 300kg batch of bolognese sauce in just 9 minutes.

Unlike other steam injectors, the Steam Infusion Vaction unit, creates a partial vacuum within the unit dropping the effective temperature of the steam to below 100 degrees thus eliminating exposure to high-temperature steam.

The Vaction unit can inject steam at rates up to 750kg/per hour at 6 Bar pressure. Traditional steam injectors under these conditions wouldn’t be able to condense the steam into the product and would burn the sauce.

The lack of burn on contamination also means cleaning times are typically halved and fewer chemicals used.

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Maintain product quality from concept to launch

Typically the journey from the development chef’s saucepan to the factory one-tonne vessel involves many compromises. The accuracy and consistency of Steam Infusion cooking makes it easier for manufacturers to bridge this gap and maintain initial concepts.

Scaling up bolognese sauce recipes from concept to manufacturing creates various challenges for existing food processing technologies. Usually the length of cooking time is significantly different to that of the chef’s kitchen, leading to over processing and loss of natural, vibrant colours.

Think about the difference between cooking vegetables in a wok compared to a steam jacketed vessel.

The speed of Steam Infusion cooking overcomes these issues. Now your factory sauce’s are closely matched to the original saucepan concept, with fresher brighter ingredients and colours unlike conventionally scaled up sauces.