OAL boosts manufacturer productivity at PPMA 2019

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Stand A130 - Networking Zone, PPMA, NEC Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1-3 October 2019

OAL is sponsoring the Networking Zone for a second year running at the PPMA Total Show 2019. We’ll also be showcasing our innovative robotics and automation solutions, as well as our patented cooking technology over the course of the three days. Visiting the stand, you’ll be able to experience how the APRIL Eye artificial intelligence-based label and date code verification solution replicates human vision and learn from our experts about how our solutions can improve your productivity.

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve also been shortlisted for an award in the Outstanding Customer Service category for the excellent work that our support team puts in with our OAL Connected customers - fingers crossed we win!

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Eyeing up productivity improvements

As the UK continues to deal with a productivity crisis, we are demonstrating how our solutions can support you in delivering increased outputs. APRIL Eye, the world’s first artificial intelligence-based vision system for label and date code verification, will be in action on the stand, so you can see for yourself how the technology prevents the wrong date codes from entering the supply chain while maximising throughput. Running at speeds of over 1,000 packs a minute, the system ensures full protection of your production line without compromising on volumes.

APRIL Eye combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform the traditional date code verification process. Rather than relying on operators to check the date code is printed correctly, APRIL Eye automates the process using basic cameras backed up with an artificial brain. This vision system can deal with variations such as lighting, positioning, print quality and placement, which are inherent in a food or beverage plant and read anything that is also legible to the naked eye. In this way, APRIL Eye eliminates errors, offers full traceability and protects consumers and brands while at the same time reducing labour costs and waste. The system also improves over time, further safeguarding your operations.

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Steaming ahead

Our experts will be on hand to explain how Steam Infusion’s patented technology can double production capacity and halve CIP time in the production of soups, sauces and dairy desserts to maximise productivity. Steam Infusion is an advanced food processing technology that can heat 1,000kg of product from 15°C to 90°C in under 10 minutes with no burn-on or particulate damage. A unique form of steam injection, the patented design of the Steam Infusion Vaction™ pump uses steam as the motive force to heat, mix and pump liquids with and without particulates. High operating costs are prevented thanks to lower energy usage based on Steam Infusion’s highly efficient energy transfer as well as reduced maintenance and removal of condensate management, allowing you to further boost your bottom line. 

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Weighing up the benefits

If you visit our stand, you’ll also be able to try your hand at manually weighing powders accurately. Manual handling and weighing of ingredients can cost up to one per cent of your  turnover. However, by automating ingredient handling and storage with the APRIL Robotics Ingredient Handling system, you can reduce labour costs while eliminating cross-contamination and maximising traceability and accuracy to improve productivity. 

Combining robotics and advanced automation, the APRIL Robotics Ingredient Handling system offers a flexible and scalable solution that delivers an accurate and cost-effective alternative to operators on the factory floor. The system automatically weighs powders to an accuracy up to +/- 1g at weigh-up rates of up to 1,000kg/hr. It can also deal with a wide weighing range without any mechanical change components, reducing the risk of downtime caused by machine stoppages or breakdown. The cells have a turndown of 1,000 to 1 while maintaining the highest level of accuracy and zero product cross-contamination risk - increasing traceability and improving food safety. Offering high flexibility, the system can be easily integrated into your existing footprint.

Visit us in the Networking Zone at stand A130 at PPMA, NEC Birmingham, UK, 1-3 October 2019 to find out more about how our solutions can boost productivity in your facility. 

Lauren Moir