Steam Infusion record cooking times confirmed in white paper


Steam Infusion has been found to be 3 times faster than traditional heating processes after a study into food processing heating methods. We recently installed a new cooking system at a leading UK food manufacturer of soups and sauces. The system has a number of heating technologies installed providing the ability to test respective heat up times of steam heating technologies. The investigation involved heating 1000KG of water from 20 degrees to 70 degrees using the following:

  • Steam Jacketed Vessel

  • Steam Injectors in the Vessel

  • Single Steam Infusion Vaction™ unit in the Vessel

  • Dual Steam Infusion Vaction™ unit’s in the Vessel

Steam Infusion heating

Dual Steam Infusion Vaction™ units were able to heat 1000kg of water from 20 degrees C to 70 degrees C in less than 4 minutes, whereas the commonly used steam jacket was almost 3 times slower, heating the water in 12 minutes. See graph below for full comparison:

Heating Profiles 1000kg Water

Heating Profiles 1000kg Water

No compromise on product quality

The report confirms that the rate of steam addition is critical to heat up times of steam technologies. Whereas steam jackets and injectors must compromise on this addition because of product damage, Steam Infusion is able to operate efficiently at higher rates without product damage such as burn on.

Steam Infusion Heating Whitepaper

Steam Infusion Heating Whitepaper

Click here to download the full PDF whitepaper reportcovering background and overview of all technologies tested along with full testing procedures, results, analysis and conclusions.

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