Steam Infusion cooking class: scaling recipes

Broccoli & Stilton Soup Steam Infusion vs Steam Jacket

Broccoli & Stilton Soup Steam Infusion vs Steam Jacket

A common challenge process technologists and development chefs face is scaling recipes up from the development kitchen to production. Research by the University of Lincoln has identified that OAL’s Steam Infusion cooking process better replicates kitchen cooking on an industrial scale. OAL is running a series of Steam Infusion cookery classes at the University of Lincoln to explain the food science and demonstrate how the unique cooking technology can overcome common food manufacturing challenges. Classes include a presentation on the science behind Steam Infusion followed by a cooking trial allowing participants to see the science of Steam Infusion in action.

How Steam Infusion replicates a saucepan

Steam Infusion offers shortened cooking times and prevents burn-on contamination better replicating the conditions found in a kitchen saucepan. The Steam Infusion Vaction unit rapidly heats product from the centre of the vessel without exposing ingredients to elevated temperatures because of a partial vacuum generated within the unit. This prevents burn-on and Maillard discoloration producing cleaner and brighter soups and sauces, resembling a homemade cook. Layperson taste panels used during an Innovate UK research project identified the retention of volatiles and flavours usually boiled off or destroyed in conventional soup production.

Cooking class 1: broccoli & Stilton soup review

The Broccoli and Stilton scale-up demo highlighted the challenges manufacturers can face when cooking with a steam jacketed vessel. The traditionally cooked sample suffered from over processed flavours and dull colours (it didn't look homemade). When cooked using Steam Infusion the finished product was a revelation. The Steam Infusion cooked soup looked fresh, homemade and tasted natural and was near identical to the saucepan cooked version. The image above shows the 3 soups side by side, from left to right, saucepan, Steam Infusion and steam jacket. The difference was clear on taste, smell and sight, and it was agreed that the Steam Infusion version was the better quality product in a number of ways!

Get spicy with Steam Infusion

Discover how Steam Infusion enhances spice flavours and taste the difference yourself at our next class cooking on Tikka Masala. Learn more for yourselves and join the Steam Infusion revolution at future classes:

What: Steam Infusion Spice Enhancement Cooking Class - Tikka Masala Sauce Where: The National Centre for Food Manufacturing, University of Lincoln, Holbeach When: Thursday 24th November

Limited places available, so book today to avoid disappointment:

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Spice isn’t your thing? On Thursday 26th January we’ll be running a class on fat reduction where we’ll be demonstrating a cheese sauce cook. Sign up using the link above.

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