20% less fat in my dairy sauces? Yes please…


Are you looking at reducing the fat in your dairy-based sauces? But, are you worried how your consumers will react to a reformulated product? The University of Lincoln has discovered that cooking with Steam Infusion can reduce the fat in your dairy-based sauces by up to 20% at the same time as enhancing the qualities your consumers love.

Rich, indulgent and creamy flavours

Food manufacturers are doing the right thing in response to government regulation in response to the global obesity epidemic. There have been great successes in attacking the low hanging fruit and reformulating product with ingredient changes that don’t impact taste, mouthfeel, and flavour. Changing the process is the next step in this battle to create an indulgent, healthy product.

New dairy sauce research

The new findings on dairy sauces have been uncovered in an Innovate UK government-funded research project between OAL and the University of Lincoln. Testing and development of the Steam Infusion technology have been conducted at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing under the project. Steam Infusion can answer many of your food manufacturing issues such as how to reduce fat without impeding taste, sight, texture and quality.

Dairy-based sauce

Dairy-based sauce

How does it work?

OAL has published a white paper revealing the science behind Steam Infusion technology. It explains how by applying Steam Infusion to dairy-based sauces, you can reduce fat and create an all round better quality product pleasing you the manufacturer, the retailer, and the consumer.

Want to know more?

Download the white paper here to find out how you can improve your dairy-based sauces using Steam Infusion.

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Or, for a more hands-on experience, sign up for OAL’s cooking classes solving your food manufacturing challenges using Steam Infusion.

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