OAL to speak at The Digital Food Revolution Event, Holland


We are speaking about APRIL and the use of robotics in food manufacturing at the 2016 Digital Food Revolution event. The event will bring together manufacturers from all around the world to discuss how the digital revolution is affecting the food industry.  When: 14th April 2016

Where: Den Bosch, Holland

OAL will be joined by Tetra Pak and Wageningen University to discuss how the food manufacturing supply chain can become more automated and efficient. Our APRIL robotic chef system offers a fully automated, flexible, modular manufacturing cell that aligns itself closely with the changing food landscape. Flexible, modular systems will enable food manufacturers to quickly respond to changing consumer tastes and demands for mass customization, an area existing systems fail to fulfil.

Our beautiful BMW i8 will also be making an appearance at the event, to showcase the knowledge transfer opportunities between food and car manufacturing. At OAL, we are taking this knowledge transfer and applying it to the food industry with our robotic chef, APRIL. The i8 was seen at many events last year however this will be it's first show outside of the UK!Twitter header

APRIL will be launching in the UK on the 28th April 2016 at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, University of Lincoln. To register your interest, and be one of the first to see it operational, click here. 

Come and see us at the event by registering here

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