OAL Sponsoring the Enterprise Zone at the PPMA Show 2018

OAL are excited to release that we’ll be sponsoring the Networking Hub in the Enterprise Zone at 2018’s PPMA Show. At our stand we’ll be demoing the very latest foodtech coming out of the UK. Learn how robotics, artificial intelligence, big data and new processing technologies can help you tackle productivity, food safety and traceability in your food factory. Join us on our stand A100 in the Networking hub...

Get to grips with robotics in food manufacturing

The traditionally labour-intensive tasks of handling, weighing, preparing and processing raw ingredients are being transformed by the use of robotics. Our APRIL Robotics team are committed to dramatically improving productivity, food safety and traceability through the application of technology in food processing. At the show, you’ll see a live demo of one of these technologies in action.

APRIL Robotics Ingredient Handling demo

July 2018 Weighing Comparison.jpg

Automate you ingredient handling and weighing. APRIL Robotics Ingredient Handling is an efficient storage (200+ Ingredients) and accurate (up to 1g) ingredient weighing system. At the PPMA show, we’ll be running a live demo of our robot in action so you can see the difference the robot could make in your manufacturing environment.

Experience artificial intelligence in food manufacturing

Using artificial intelligence, our new APRIL Eye foodtech can read back date codes just like a human, fully automating the date code verification process and removing human error from the process. This is the first use of Artificial Intelligence technology at the heart of food manufacturing.

Cook faster, cleaner, fresher

And, if you’re looking at cooking and cooling, discover how we’re combining our rapid steam Infusion cooking with cryogenic cooling to reduce food waste and preserve natural homemade flavours.

So join us at the Networking Hub in the Enterprise Zone, stand A100 at 2018’s PPMA Show to speak to our experts about transforming your factory with the latest foodtech.

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