Food quality checks on the move


We are pleased to announce the development of mobile quality checks for our OAL Autocoding solution, another big step towards the paperless food factory. Quality checks ensure the correct product is being packaged and meets the quality standards demanded by food retailers. The new software allows quality checks to be undertaken on a mobile device as opposed to using an existing Autocoding panel on the factory floor or via paper checks.

Apple or Orange-compressed

Apple or Orange-compressed

Paperless Quality Checks

When we first developed autocoding in 2001 we always set out to use software to create the paperless food factory. The main advantage of going paperless is that it offers full traceability within a food factory. Our standard autocoding offering makes this possible but the addition of mobile quality checks is a big step towards making the paperless factory a reality!

Quality assurance staff will now be able to move around the factory to conduct checks, particularly useful as checks can be conducted on different parts of the line.

Good Manufacturing Practice

The inbuilt camera on the device can be used to take photos for a number of purposes to ensure good manufacturing practices on the factory floor. For instance, spotting problems on the lines, health and safety audits, retailer audits and maintenance.



If you are interested in adding mobile quality checks to your Autocoding system please contact us here.

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