Larco Foods reap the rewards of Steam Infusion

Early adopters of Steam Infusion, Larco Foods, are reaping the rewards of their investment. Since installing the Steam Infusion system the Dutch company has achieved some incredible results reducing production time and energy consumption for their soups and ready meals whilst increasing product quality and significantly improving business performance. The success of Steam Infusion has been unquestionable in driving business value for Larco Foods, enabling them to succeed in a highly competitive market. A reduction in production times of over 50% has brought strong operational benefits to Larco Foods, whilst also increasing the capacity of their facility to allow for potential future production expansion. Moreover, Larco Foods have reduced the energy consumption of their production process; delivering further value to the business.

“Since purchasing the Steam Infusion system we have reduced the production time of our soups and sauce by more than 50% as well as reducing energy.”

Jan Kusters, Manufacturing Director

Improved production efficiency and lower energy consumption are obvious benefits of the system, but improvements in product quality from the new cooking process has been a key differentiator for the business. Products from the system are more vibrant in colour and show an increased flavour profile making them more attractive to consumers, and also unlocking the possibility of reductions in ingredients such as salt and saturated fats. As global awareness to the dangers of salt increases, Larco Foods are now able to offer a healthier product and are thus better placed to comply with any future Government requirements on salt levels.

“We have also seen an increase in the flavour profile of our product which will lead us to the possibility of reducing ingredients such as salt… making our product healthier for our customers.” 

Jan Kusters, Manufacturing Director