Inventive quality assurance at Greencore Grocery

Greencore Grocery Leeds, the largest supplier of Frozen Yorkshire Puddings are utilising the capabilities of their Autocoding system to run quality assurance on their Yorkshire Puddings. The primary aim of autocoding is to prevent product recalls related to labelling and date code errors. Autocoding has expanded functionality to include quality controls. As part of the quality controls module on Autocoding, the hand scanner installed can be used to take pictures of products. Greencore are using this facility to ensure that their Yorkshire pudding have risen to the correct height.

They have built a jig whereby the Yorkshire puddings are placed on a steel base and the hand scanner secured in a holder. The back of the jig is reminiscent of a police line-up background with lines to judge the height of the Yorkshire puddings. A picture is then taken showing the rise of the Yorkshire puddings and automatically recorded on the system for use by the Quality Assurance team at a later date.

The system has provided significant business benefits by removing the risk of product recalls related to packaging and date code errors, and providing clear traceability for the quality of their Frozen Yorkshire puddings sold into Retail and Food Service markets.