How The Steam Infusion Vaction™ Unit Works


The  Steam Infusion Vaction™ Unit is an innovative fluid processing device that is designed to provide heating, mixing, pumping, and agitation of a slurry/fluid. At a recent showcase of our innovative technologies, Ian Beauchamp, Head of Process Engineering at OAL Group explained how the Vaction™ unit used in Steam Infusion works and we filmed it.

How the Steam Infusion Vaction unit works:

There are 3 sizes of Vaction™ Unit, the table shows the operating parameters for the units’ without controlling flow (purely using the unit’s ability to pump):

Vaction™ Unit

Bore diameter [mm]

Throughput on Water at 20oC (Effective back pressure 3 metres) [kg/hr]

Steam Flow [kg/hr] at

Detailed Pressure [barg]

Vaction™ 13



55 at 9.00

Vaction™ 25



260 at 6.20

Vaction™ 47 47 55,000

620 at 5.20

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