How to manufacture condensed milk with Steam Infusion


Steam Infusion process to manufacture better tasting condensed milk faster

By avoiding the problems of traditional multi stage production, Steam Infusion combines all processing on one simple system, including powder entrainment. The unique partial vacuum created in steam infusion means the condensed milk isn't exposed to temperatures above 87 degrees, avoiding burn-on contamination and the denaturing of sensitive proteins.

There is no discolouration and the condensed milk has a high gloss finish.

In the trial shown above on our test system based at the University of Lincoln’s National Centre for Food Manufacturing (NCFM), UK, we produced 500kg of condensed milk in 5 minutes. The final product has a Bostwick measure of 12cm and a moisture content of 30%. We can produce up to 20 tons per hour on our systems and have a full test facility available.