Line Management System (LMS)


Line management system (LMS) for food manufacturing

OAL's LMS (Line Management System) sits between your Management Execution System (MES) and device control layers to give you: 

  • Complete production line visibility

  • Full traceability

  • Product tracking through each stage of manufacturing

  • Integration to device level

  • Logging of equipment run-time data with web based KPI reporting

  • Capture and display of line data for centralised real time and historical trending

Simplifired drawing of a typical OAL Line Management System (LMS)

Simplifired drawing of a typical OAL Line Management System (LMS)

Complete production line visibility


Our award-winning dashboards available across a range of devices offer full visibility of your production in real time including:

  • Interactive web based performance

  • Dashboards that display live and recorded performance data

  • Customised drill down web reporting

  • Tabular reports

Works order & recipe management

Available work orders from your MES can be scheduled and managed easily and quickly within the LMS. 

Line based recipe settings can be viewed and managed with the option to add new products.

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