System integrators wanted!


How would you heat 1000 kg of particulate product from 15 to 900°C in five minutes with no burn on or particulate damage? The answer is Steam Infusion, which can directly replace any application with traditional steam injectors. The Steam Infusion technology allows up to 6 Bar of steam to be introduced into a cooking vessel at up to 1500 kg/hr!

OAL has to date concentrated on the UK market to fully prove the Steam Infusion technology on a wide range of soups, sauces and ready meal products. But now it’s time to expand! We’re now looking for system integrators to deploy the technology throughout the world rapidly. With the ability to either retrofit or integrate into new equipment; Steam Infusion can be used in a broad range of facilities. Authorised integrators can capitalise on market-specific applications to create unique product offerings. With lifetime guarantees and excellent support, integrators can be reassured that they’re in safe hands when dealing with OAL; a company supplying the food industry for 25 years.

The patented Steam Infusion Vaction™ technology is a disruptive device that sits within a cooking vessel and uses steam as the motive force to uniquely heat and mix food products. The development of the technology spans 15 years and OAL has recently led a £1 million research program with major manufacturers and Universities to map the technology:

  • Eliminate burn-on and Maillard reactions

  • Reduce fat in dairy products by up to 20%

  • Create a creamier mouthfeel

  • Typically halve cooking and cleaning times

  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 15%

  • Match existing products

With adoption rates now exceeding 58% across UK chilled food manufacturers, Steam Infusion is proving to be the heating method of choice due to the advantages of improved taste and healthier food products. Certain applications including béchamel sauce, cheese sauce, Bolognese and porridge are in its processing hot spot due to the lack of burn on contamination. The robust technology is now used globally to make over 200,000 tonnes of product per hour. Janet Prescott, Manufacturing Manager, Bakkavor (UK) explains:

The Steam Infusion system is very fast and has reduced our cooking energy consumption by 15%. It’s a quality piece of equipment that’s definitely ‘cook proof’.

The Steam Infusion Vaction kit includes everything needed for system integrators to retrofit Steam Infusion to existing cooking vessels successfully. The kit includes the patented Vaction 47 In-Tank unit, steam lance, mounting arrangement, control modules and engineering support.

OAL’s System Integrator program is designed to educate and produce qualified partners who can help solve production challenges by advising on and delivering the best solution with the lowest amount of risk. Supported by OAL's engineering and product development teams ensures trouble-free integration of Steam Infusion into your cooking processes.

If you would like to offer Steam Infusion to your customers, please get in touch on our website or email