APRIL Robotic Chef on BBC Radio 4

APRIL the Robotic Chef appeared on the BBC Radio 4 programme The Kitchen Cabinet. Jake Norman, Innovation Manager at OAL, explained the robot cooking concept to host Jay Rayner.

Robot taste test

Jake Norman, OAL's Innovation Manager with Jay Rayner

Jake Norman, OAL's Innovation Manager with Jay Rayner

A feature of the show was a taste test between an APRIL cooked broccoli and stilton soup and the same soup prepared by the professional chef,  Tim Hayward.
As expected, Tim Hayward's soup came out on top, but the panel did commend APRIL's soup for matching the colour and tasting cheesier. 
APRIL's soup benefits from OAL's Steam Infusion fast cooking process that has been proven by the University of Lincoln to emulate homemade products better and enhance dairy flavours.

Removing humans from the cooking process

Being a cooking show, discussions turned to the interesting debate of removing the human chef from the cooking process. Jake chose to highlight the dichotomy between the passion for cooking and the need to eliminate food waste and become more sustainable.

Jake Norman