OAL Autocoding helps protect French Manufacturer

Maître Prunille is a French company, supplying dried fruit and nut products to a number of major UK retailers. They have 3 manufacturing sites employing 542 employees producing 50,000 tonnes of processed fruit a year. In 2009, the companies UK agents, Univeg, highlighted the need to comply with changes in retailer’s codes of practice relating to the correct packaging and labelling of products. Upon recommendation from Univeg, Maître Prunille enlisted the support of OAL to ensure compliance with retailer's codes of practice at their largest site in Casseneuil, responsible for 70% of their total production. The site has installed OAL Autocoding to ensure that all fruit and nut products leaving their factories in France have the correct packaging and labelling before reaching the UK. OAL Autocoding has since been rolled out across Maitre Prunille to two more of its manufacturing sites in France.

OAL first deployed autocoding in 2009 at Maitre Prunille’s largest site, Casseneuil responsible for 70% of their total production, specialising in soft fruit and prunes. Since 2009 the system has now been rolled out to Maître Prunille’s two other sites at Vitrolles and Saint Quentin du Dropt and the relationship has been extended to provide assistance and consultancy during retailer audits.

OAMaitre PrunilleL’s Autocoding system is multilingual, so during normal operation, the system is in French but when specific users login it reverts to English, useful for retailer site audits and technical support. Many system actions are driven through pictures making operator training quick and easy.

Maître Prunille have successfully prevented any label and date code errors with OAL’s Autocoding system and have full compliance with UK retailers codes of practice

Click here to download: OAL Case Study Maitre Prunille

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