Maize & Grain Hydration with OAL Steam Infusion: VIDEO


In Africa, food and beverage manufacturers are using OAL Steam Infusion to instantly hydrate maize flour to produce maize based drinks. The cutting edge technology improves product quality and significantly reduces the system footprint and processing times of maize and other grains. 

OAL Steam Infusion Maize Hydration Video

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This system can manufacture 15,000 litres of Maheu an hour, using only one 5,000 litre vessel to hydrate maize flour. Steam Infusion is used to hydrate the maize flour up to concentrations of 12%.

Steam Infusion Maize Hydration System

The maize slurry is then fermented for 2 hours before passing 2 Vaction™ unit's to heat the final product to 90 degrees before filling.

By using Steam Infusion manufacturers are able to realise significant business benefits. Steam Infusion does not expose product to excess temperatures because of the partial vacuum generated in the Vaction™ unit, improving product quality by eliminating burn on contamination. There are no moving parts making the process inherently easy to clean and maintain.

Furthermore, it’s a near perfect heating process, 95% of the steam energy is transferred to the product a significant improvement on the traditional steam jacket. This is why, The Guardian Newspaper and Shell Springboard have endorsed Steam Infusion as a clean technology for the future food factory

The process itself is simpler with fewer stages requiring significantly less capital equipment than traditional processes.

This all means OAL Steam Infusion is the lowest cost and most efficient process for hydrating maize and other cereals.