Largest Sushi Manufacturer Secure Their Factory with Automation


How secure is your factory? Ichiban UK (the UK’s largest Sushi Manufacturer) have used Automation to secure compliance with retailer codes of practice after the successful installation of OAL’s Autocoding at their site. Click here to read the full case study.

What was Ichiban’s Challenge?

Ichiban recognised the need to change their packaging, labelling and date code process in order to meet their retailer codes of practice. They contacted OAL as they wanted the system to be simple, tried and tested and after reading about other successes they found OAL’s Autocoding system met all criteria. Read the full case study to find out OAL’s full specification for the installation.

Many manufacturers are contacting OAL’s Autocoding team to understand the changes they need to make to ensure compliance with codes of practice.

What is the Solution?

OAL’s Autocoding system allows a factory to fully comply with retailer codes of practice at the same time as providing the factory with real-time accurate data. Ultimately, this data can help a factory optimise their processes and overall productivity. The full case study reveals all about Autocoding’s many benefits.

Ichiban’s Results & Experience:

Ichiban and their retailers now have complete confidence that their label, date codes and prices are completely secure like all factories who have OAL’s Autocoding system installed.

Julie Rice, Technical Manager explains why Ichiban UK chose OAL:

“We chose the OAL system because it’s a tried and tested solution that provides the compliance we need. It's easy to use and has helped us focus by accurately recording line stoppages and identifying areas for improvement."

Start exploring how you can secure your factory today. To read more about other manufacturer’s experiences with Autocoding, click here to see all case studies.

Look out for the release of OAL’s next white paper landing soon explaining how Autocoding can prevent label and date code errors.

The Sushi made by Ichiban in their secure factory.

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