3D factory scanning provides fast, accurate 2D/3D drawings & layouts

In an ideal world every factory would have accurate, fully dimensioned 2D/3D drawings of every part of the facility, so that plant modifications can be easily assessed and defined. In reality the first steps in plant re-modelling to meet demands for new products is often a time consuming measurement and drawing process.

For complex plants this takes too long and it can be difficult to attain high levels of accuracy.  This lack of visibility often means that initial discussions of new layouts, at a senior level, are delayed or made worse by relying on inaccurate layouts.

3D Factory Scanning

3D Factory Scanning

The 3D factory scanning process

3D factory scanning can quickly deliver a complete 3D "walk through" model of the factory with full point measurement to an accuracy of 2mm.  Our specialist team will visit your facility and scan a single area or the entire site. Depending on equipment complexity and size each area is likely to need multiple scans.

At each position the scanner captures 976,000 measurement points per second in a full 360° data capture.

Once multiple scans for a single area have been finished the team completes post processing to register millions of data elements to create a  scanned ‘point cloud.’ At this stage a full ‘3D walk through’ of that area is available.  The process is then repeated for other factory areas with post processing including joining individual ‘point clouds’ together creating a ‘project point cloud’ of the entire site.

Key benefits

  • 3D layouts to an accuracy of 2 mm

  • The ability to dimension and annotate any 3D element

  • An accurate 3D ‘walk through’ of the ‘as installed’ plant

  • Plant remodeling is based on accurate data so the design process is much quicker

  • Accurate information is available for optimal reverse engineering

  • Accurate data means that new parts fit first time

  • 3D elements can be linked to an asset structure

  • Provide potential suppliers with restricted access and remove the need for site visits