Flexible food manufacturing

Our APRIL™ Robotics team are committed to dramatically improving productivity, food safety and traceability through the application of technology in food processing.

Our robotics and digital technologies provide next generation food manufacturing preparation and processing systems.

APRIL™ Robotics Ingredient Handling

Automate your ingredient handling and weighing with APRIL Robotics Ingredient Handling. This efficient and accurate ingredient weighing system can store up to 500 ingredients and measure out micro-ingredients to an accuracy of up to +/- 1g.

Improve the profitability of your food manufacturing with autonomous robotic ingredient handling and preparation.

APRIL™ Robotics Processing aka "Robotic Chef"

Cook like a professional chef but at an industrial scale. The APRIL Robotic Chef offers unprecedented consistent, homemade product quality due to smaller batch sizes and enhanced robotic control.

APRIL Eye Explained.jpg


APRIL™ Eye is the world’s first artificial intelligence-based vision system for label and date code verification. Remove operators from the date code verification process to reduce the risk of product recalls and emergency product withdrawals (EPWs) caused by human error on packaging lines.