APRIL Eye artificial intelligence

Stop human error with artificial intelligence

Using artificial intelligence, APRIL Eye can read back date codes just like a human, fully automating the date code verification process and removing human error from the process.

The patent pending process developed with the University of Lincoln enables machine reading close to the performance of the human eye.

APRIL Eye integrates with our market leading OAL Connected packaging line automation system that protects over 1,200 food packaging lines everyday.

APRIL Eye Date Code Verifier.jpg

Machine vision with a brain

Traditional machine vision systems have struggled to cope with variation leading to costly system training after installation. By combining machine vision with artificial intelligence, APRIL Eye deals with the variability of:

  • Varying fonts and sizes

  • Font distortion

  • Packing changes

Whereas, vision systems have only been economically viable on "single" product format high speed packing lines, APRIL Eye can be used on packaging lines that use multiple formats.