Steam Infusion is a new low risk cooking process that heats, mixes and cooks liquid based food products quickly and efficiently.





Cooking quickly doesn't necessarily mean turning up the heat and mixing speed. Using steam infusion, all of the product is heated uniformly and directly in a fraction of the time. Great for increasing capacity.

Taste & Flavour

Rapid heating flashes off spices and prevents wetting out, releasing fresher flavours in food products. The homogenising effect in the unique low-pressure environment improves taste perception enabling the reduction of ingredients with no flavour change.


The simple nature of Steam Infusion cooking will often reduce the number of industrial cooking processes required making for a decrease in capital, running and cleaning costs.

Research & Development

We are committed to realising the full potential Steam Infusion and a record breaking grant from the UK Technology Strategy Board is enabling us to further understand and research the effects of the unique low pressure steam infusion environment.

Better Quality

The short production times of steam infusion make for a more vibrant final product. Imagine the difference between cooking using a wok as opposed to a more conventional sauce pan. The quick cooking locks in the flavours and even makes for a better looking, more appetising product due to the lack of Maillard browning.

No burn on contamination

In a similar fashion to cooking at home, it's all too easy to burn sauce onto a vessel. This happens because ingredients get stuck to hot spots on the pan causing burn on. With Steam Infusion there is no direct heat surface contact, thus no-burn on. Not only does this make the sauce taste better but significantly reduces cleaning time.


Steam Infusion has also been shown to enable health benefits to products. Reductions in ingredients due to the unique processing environment enable manufacturers to improve the traffic lights of their products.

Case Studies

Nissui - White Sauce Production

Download >

Dairy Gold - Steam Infusion Hydrates Maize Flour to Manufacture Drinks

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1000 KG of Bechamel Sauce can be made in 18 minutes, this would normally take 1 hour

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