Tried and Trusted
OAL supply market leading engineering solutions to the food manufacturing industry.
  • Processing Projects

    OAL have a 25-year history of supplying turnkey material handling and processing projects to blue chip UK food manufacturers. Food manufacturers trust OAL to deliver liquid and dry material processing projects up to a value of £5 million where proven experience, design excellence, automation, quality and outstanding support are valued.

  • OAL Connected

    OAL Connected provides market-leading label and date code verification systems installed on over 1,100 packing lines, ensuring full compliance with retailer’s codes of practice. Once protected, food manufacturers can achieve fast payback using the OAL Connected modules to add OEE productivity measurement, connectivity to line equipment, QA checking, traceability and paperless recording.

  • APRILTM Robotics

    Our team are world leaders in using proven robotic equipment to provide next generation food manufacturing preparation and processing systems. The systems currently support dry weighing, A to B transport, blending and full processing kitchens. The APRIL robotic modules interconnect allowing users to start small with an initial investment of circa £50,000.

Customers have guided us with distinct requirements for each sector allowing each team to work as a focused, fast-moving group dedicated to their specific market. The OAL tradition of trust, fairness and investment in our people bonds our teams. We strive to keep our customers ahead and future proofed by leading multiple R&D projects currently valued at £3.5 million aimed at developing tomorrow’s tried and trusted.

Gives you the edge
Develop tomorrow's
tried and trusted.
  • Improve the quality and uniformity of your products; exceed consumers’ expectations.
  • Integrating data systems throughout the production line means complete traceability of every product.
  • Let our innovations reduce your costs and make your business leaner and fitter.
  • OAL helps food producers gain the edge by improving processes, efficiency and reducing risks.
  • Eliminate errors and guarantee quality by embracing the latest in equipment, automation and software.
  • OAL recognise that food manufacturers value the ability to produce uniqueness in their products and aim to maximise the opportunities for this in the development.
To take food production to a new level of excellence