Food is Life.

Food is Life and the global demand for food has never been greater. To satisfy more mouths and ever evolving consumer tastes, game changing advances in food production are required.

OAL is committed to bringing about these advances though programs of holistic innovation across four connected themes. Since 2012 we have accelerated our investment in R&D in excess of 8.2% of turnover to innovate food production systems and technologies.

We are guided by four key themes:

  • Eliminate Waste.

    From ingredients to filling, processes are often too complicated with considerable energy, yield and labour losses.

  • Improve Product Quality.

    Ingredients can be over processed and complex processes can lead to inconsistencies and product variation.

  • Ensure Food Safety & Traceability.

    Ingredients and products are not properly tracked through systems and rely heavily on paperwork for compliance. Processes are often too complex to clean reliably and are over reliant on individuals.

  • Offer Flexibility.

    Factories can lack flexibility because of the complex infrastructure required for traditional processes.

Designing, implementing and automating engineering solutions for over 20 years, we have built a unique team comprising of automation, design, mechanical and product development specialists that allows us to cover most systems that are utilised in a food manufacturing facility.


Working collaboratively allows us to combine the skills and knowledge of stake holders to deliver real advances in food processing. The key to a partnership delivering is trust and ensuring all the stake holders benefit from the advances.


We have delivered real advances in food production:

  • OAL Connected

    A suite of software products delivering food safety, traceability; productivity, recipe management and MES functionality.

  • Advanced Materials Handling

    Be it liquids or powders our systems intake, mix and store ingredients on some of the largest installations in the UK with minimal energy losses and optimal ingredient conditions.

  • Steam Infusion

    Highly efficient heating and mixing providing unique opportunities for new product development and much smaller ECO friendly factories

To get to the next level and live up to the mantra “Food is life” we need more trust, care and love.


Through blue sky thinking our teams have hit on new concepts that will change every aspect of how food is produced and make traditional equipment redundant. OAL are leading a Manufacturing 4.0 development in a confidential 4000 sq ft food hall at a leading UK university.


We’ve started this journey with a number of fantastic partners and need original thinkers to join us on a voyage of discovery.