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Boost factory productivity by 37% with OAL Connected

Ensure compliance and improve efficiency across every production line

Quality Control

The OAL Connected quality assurance module provides the ability to schedule unlimited quality assurance checks and provide a full audit trail. As well as frequent on-screen quality checks, this module helps remove much of the shop-floor paperwork and the associated difficulties of validating paper based control documents. The system increases the level of control by making the checks critical to operation, if they are not completed at prescribed intervals the line can be set to stop until supervisory intervention is provided.

Unlimited checks

Unlimited QA & CCP checks can be scheduled, with all values and responses made on the mobile device validated in real-time. With OAL Connected there are no limits to the type or number of checks that can be created and monitored.


The real value of removing paper is the extra control possible through mobile devices. For example, when an operator is required to enter a range on a mobile device, entries outside that range can trigger a line stop, needing supervisory interventions.