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Boost factory productivity by 37% with OAL Connected

Ensure compliance and improve efficiency across every production line

Mobile visibility of real-time production performance

On fast moving production lines the operations team needs accurate live information to make the right changes. That means only the information they need, when and where they need it. Accurate, live adherence to plan, stoppage alerts, live and visible timed changeovers, across smartphones, tablets, touch screens and desktops because we understand team leaders need information on the shop-floor pushing hard for improvements, not tied to an office desktop generating yesterday's data from paper logs.

Reduce Unplanned Stoppages & Changeover Times

Every product changeover is measured and visible in real-time, across mobile devices, making it easy to highlight good, and bad, performance. The top 5 issues are displayed in real-time to help the team focus on reducing unplanned stoppages.

Real-time Metrics, where and when they're needed

Critical information presented live helps change behaviours. Time to finish, changeover times to target, top 5 unplanned stoppages, variation to plan and stoppage alerts all designed to provide just the information the team needs to improve and sustain production performance.