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Boost factory productivity by 37% with OAL Connected

Ensure compliance and improve efficiency across every production line

Autocoding, positively secure packaging and date codes

Autocoding prevents product recalls by scanning every pack to ensure that all products leave the factory in the correct packaging. Timed, additional operator checks capture live and date stamped images of running products provide a full audit trail for retailers. Any error quickly stops the line, alerts the team and demands supervisory intervention.

Date Code & Label Control

To avoid operator keyboard errors all date code printers are controlled directly. Best by dates are controlled from a secure technical database with full audit traceability.

Stop Emergency Product Withdrawals

By scanning every pack OAL Connected will prevent emergency product recalls and demonstrate accuracy but provide retailers with comprehensive audit trails. Promo labels are also controlled to ensure that every product leave the factory in the correct packaging.


The OAL team includes highly experienced ex-technical managers who can audit your processes to ensure OAL provides the most appropriate system.