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“We have seen an approximate 30% rise in OEE on our line since the install of OEE.” — Andrew Horkan, […]

Dawnfresh replaces a failed Autocoding System with OAL’s Autocoding to secure their brand against label and date code errors and […]

Kinnerton logo

“OAL’s Autocoding system had already been tested and proved very successful so the decision to purchase was easy. OAL’s ability […]

We chose the OAL system because it’s a tried and tested solution that provides the compliance we need. It’s easy […]

“What the Autocoding system has given us is peace of mind and allowed us to regain customer confidence.”

“Since purchasing the Steam Infusion system we have reduced the production time of our soups and sauce by more than 50% […]

“OAL implemented improvements using their process & automation teams. The results were very impressive with average throughputs gains of 26%!”

OAL Dairy Gold

“By using Steam Infusion we are producing a superior Maheu product as well as a wide variety of other ambient […]

“Having used the system before, I felt I could recommend OAL Autocoding because it meets the compliance requirements and importantly […]

OAL Group installed a turnkey soup facility with innovative product routing and cooling; including automation controls and Autocoding.

“The integrated quality checks on the Autocoding system and OAL’s ability to offer 24-hour support have added significant value to […]

OAL Bakkavor

“I would rate this as my simplest implementation and yet it has also been one of the most effective. Over […]

OAL Steam Infusion Whitepaper

A whitepaper report comparing the heating times of Steam Infusion, Steam Injection and a steam jacket.

OAL Wyke Farms

“Wayne Johnson (Autocoding specialist) is a thorough professional and if he is leading a product that is quality connected you […]

“Steam Infusion has allowed us to nearly double our previous throughput rates in sauce production. On top of this our […]

OAL Blue Earth Foods

“The Autocoding system is easy to use and gives you peace of mind and reassurance that the correct dates and […]

OAL Adams Food

“We chose the OAL Autocoding solution as reference visits proved their system to be reliable.”

OAL Kingsmill

“As well as being more energy efficient the new plant will reduce waste during the manufacturing process”

OAL Jumex

“Steam Infusion has reduced the processing time of our pre-mix from 60 mins to 3 mins; astonishing!”

General Mills OAL

OAL Group automated and optimised chiller controls, improving final product quality and reducing energy consumption.

OAL Weetabix

OAL Group installed a complex CIP system with integrated neutralisation of water waste.

Shell OAL

OAL Group’s Steam Infusion has won a £30k award from Shell Springboard, a competition sponsored by industry giant Shell for reducing carbon […]

ADM Milling OAL

OAL Group upgraded the largest flour mill control system in the UK. 


“The OAL team’s extensive plant knowledge allowed them to deliver on time and on budget. The project execution was excellent with […]

First Milk OAL

First Milk was the first company in the food industry to secure their packaging with 2D barcodes using Autocoding.

OAL Warburtons

“OAL Group provided a first class service from planning to inception. The finished project is impressive and completed within the time […]

OAl Nissui

“By using Steam Infusion we can now produce 1000kg of Béchamel sauce in 17 minutes with no burn on contamination.”

Britvic OAL

“OAL Group have handled a number of challenging projects for Britvic and they have genuinely exceeded my expectations every time.”

OAL Kolak Foods

OAL Group installed a maize delivery system that was innovative yet very simple to operate.

TTP Steam Infusion Report OAL

An independent report compiled by The Technology Partnership providing background on OAL Group’s Steam Infusion technology.

OAL Autocoding prevents label and date code errors on packaged food products. Find out more about Autocoding and how it integrates […]