Autocoding - Stop Label & Date Code Errors

Autocoding ensures packaging information and date code is correct for all products leaving the factory.




How autocoding works

Autocoding software, links a master database of product profiles, online scanners and printers. Product arrives to retailers with the correct date, label information with Autocoding assurance. Costly emergency scheduling, stock and planning contingencies are avoided with Autocoding, whilst retailer and consumer loyalty remains high. Vastly reduced risk of penalties or fines.

Return on Investment

The exacting demands of the retail industry places a constant emphasis on ensuring that the correct packaging and coding is on every single item that leaves any food or beverage factory. Human error however can occur with manual intervention and set-up on packaging and coding lines. These mistakes can ultimately lead to costly product withdrawal or recall, which can be damaging to both you and your customers.

Date Code & Label Control

Autocoding eliminates this by full validation of all packaging 1D or 2D barcodes and printer control using open, established and robust scanning and printer integration technology from world leading suppliers driven by extensive Olympus Automation expertise and experience.

Factory Performance

100% confidence in your Autocoding system allows you to focus on improving production performance. Autocoding terminals can now run OAL’s next generation Factory Performance OEE software to provide real time factory performance. Read about the successful implementation of Autocoding and OEE Factory Performance software at Adams Foods here.


Autocoding was first deployed 14 years ago and now protects 723 lines globally. Since then our Autocoding systems have prevented numerous product withdrawals and customers trust the system implicitly. 100 % confidence in our Autocoding systems comes from the best in class equipment we use and the experience of our dedicated team.

Allergen Risks

When manufacturing products that have allergens in its critical that labelling and packaging is correct. Retailers insist that category packaging stays in a single look format. This makes it difficult to identify between different product packaging. Packaging a product that contains nuts in a label that doesn’t declare it is not just a costly mistake it could be fatal.

Farm to Fork

In today’s fast paced environment and continual audit regime by retailers, audit bodies and government bodies (EHO/TSO) there can be no compromise when it comes to security. Double sign-off, multi-level user control and full traceability allow due diligence obligations to be met whilst conforming to legislation and regulatory compliance systems.

Technical Audits

Within the OAL Autocoding team we have a vast technical experience of food standards, employing an ex technical manager and an ex supermarket auditor to undertake technical audits of your systems.

A technical audit can involve the assessment of the following against standardised food industry requirements, such as the M&S code of practice:

  • HACCP Review / Training
  • Food Factory Inspection – Pre-external audits, including BRC, PIU, M&S, Product Launches, Food Safety Audits, 3rd Party Auditing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Quality Management Systems review – Paperwork Systems, ISO 9001, Metal Detection, Check weighing

Case Studies

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Blue Earth Foods - Flexible System Expanded with Success

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